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Big improvements are coming to Boulder Dam Credit Union.


Big improvements are coming to Boulder Dam Credit Union, but don’t worry, we are still here to provide outrageously superior service.

While all services will still be offered, things may look a little different during construction. In order to remain open and functional, construction will be completed in two phases. Construction zones will be partitioned with plastic sheeting to ensure member and staff safety.

Lobby Construction Drawing

Construction is scheduled to be completed in June 2023. Our new, refreshed lobby design will provide our members with a more efficient, welcoming experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Will we ever be closed during normal business hours?

     No. The credit union will remain open, with all services available, while the construction is taking place.

2. How is construction being completed while open?

The teller line and cubicle space will be condensed to smaller spaces for each of the first 2 phases. First to the area closest to the front door and then to the back. The final phase will include finish items like flooring.

3. Can I still access my safe deposit box?

Yes. See any teller and they will escort you back to the safe deposit box. Members have about 3 minutes (5 min. max) to go through their belongings while remaining in the vault area, no booths are available, and if they need more time, they will be given a BDCU bag with handles to take their belongings home and return when ready.

4. Where are all the pictures?

The pictures are being safely stored during construction and will make their return once construction is complete.

5. Can I still talk with my favorite people?

Yes. It may require an appointment or being escorted to a different area, but everyone is still available. Remember we are always available by phone.

6. Will this impact dividends or loan rates?

No. We have been budgeting and preparing for this for some time. One of our service standards states, “I am proud of our buildings and grounds and take action to keep them neat and clean.” We always have and always will try to maintain an image of professionalism and care.

7. What happened to the community board?

The community board will return in some format once construction is complete.


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