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Other Services


Order Checks

At BDCU, the checks are on us!

With a BDCU Checking account you get free checks.

  • Free standard checks
  • Convenient online ordering within Online Banking

BDCU recommends Deluxe, the most trusted check supplier in the industry. Need to order checks? Just log on to Online Banking and select Order Checks. 

More check information:

  • Protect yourself against check fraud - order High Security Checks featuring a Holographic Security Stamp
  • Secure shipping
  • Four different colors to choose from
  • Additional styles and features available for an additional cost

Coin Counter

We all know that we shouldn’t step over “dollars to pick up dimes” but it doesn’t hurt to pick up both. The problem is what to do with all of those dimes. At BDCU, we have a solution...bring your big jar of coins into the credit union and let us put them to good use for you.

  • Free for credit union members
  • Counts coins and provides a simple deposit ticket that you can use to get cash or deposit the change in your account



Direct Deposit

Set up Direct Deposit to your BDCU Checking or Savings account and save that trip to the Credit Union for something else.

  • Payroll Deposits
  • Government Deposits
  • Payroll Distribution

Set up Direct Deposit with your employer or from your government services or retirement account and have your money safely and securely in your BDCU account each month. Need help with the forms? We are here for you. Just give us a call or visit the Credit Union and we will help you through the process. Be sure to have the information below ready and we will help you get your paycheck coming to your account in no time.

Direct Deposit Information:

  • Credit Union Routing and Transit Number: 322484029
  • Account Number
    Format for deposits to checking or savings: 12345001
  • Credit Union Address:
    Boulder Dam Credit Union
    530 Avenue G
    Boulder City, NV 89005

Wire Services

At BDCU we know how important it is to keep your money moving. Our safe and convenient wire services provide access to move your money across town, across the country or around the world.

  • Safe and secure incoming and outgoing wire transfers
  • Extended validation for transfer authorizations
  • Low fees for outgoing wires

The information below will help you to send and receive money from and to your BDCU account.

Wire Services Information:

  • Credit Union Routing and Transit Number: 322484029
  • Account Number
    Format for deposits to checking*: 12345001-75
    Format for deposits to savings*: 12345001-01
  • Credit Union Address:
    Boulder Dam Credit Union
    530 Avenue G
    Boulder City, NV 89005

Wire Policies & Instructions:

  • All wire requests must be completed in person. 

International Wires: Boulder Dam Credit Union does not have a foreign bank account. Therefore, it does not use a Swift Code or IBAN for incoming international wire transfers; however, you may still make an international wire transfer to Boulder Dam Credit Union without this information. The initiating institution should use their correspondent bank in the United States to transfer the funds to Boulder Dam Credit Union. The US Correspondent Bank may charge a fee for sending the wire to the Credit Union.

*Incoming wires are posted to your savings account unless otherwise specified in the above instructions. Due to the security requirements associated with sending wires we may require that you come to the Credit Union or file a wire transfer agreement and establish security procedures for your account.

Phone Banking

Phone Banking puts the power of a branch just a phone call away. Check balances, transfer funds, or make payments right on your phone.

  • Check account balances
  • Transfer funds between accounts
  • Get transaction history on your account

We all carry one or two devices we call phones even though we don’t regularly use them as a phone. At BDCU we want the “phone warriors” to know we are still here for you. Not only can you call us and reach a real person during business hours, but we also offer touchtone phone banking you can access from anywhere.

Phone Banking Information:

Local: (702) 294-7777
Toll Free: (888) 899-7484

Additional Phone Banking Features:

  • Account history
  • Last deposit
  • Most recent transactions
  • Cleared checks
  • Last dividend
  • Loan last payment information
  • Tax information (previous and current year)
  • Transfer funds between savings and checking
  • Transfer loan or credit card payments
  • Loan advance to savings or checking
  • Cross account share and loan transfers
  • Check mailed to your home address
  • Order checks (same as last order)
  • Financial calculations
  • Loan and savings calculations

Money Orders

Not every business accepts personal checks and not every individual has a bank account ready to receive wired funds. So, when you need to send cash safely and quickly, a Money Order might be the way to go.

  • Money Orders in amounts up to $1,000
  • Money Orders can be purchased for a nominal fee
  • Unlike cash, Money Orders can be replaced

Money Orders are accepted by virtually any enterprise that accepts cash payments. Even individuals who don't have bank accounts can cash them. Also, despite their name, you don't have to use cash to buy a Money Order. At Boulder Dam Credit Union, you can simply withdraw the funds from your savings or checking account. To purchase a Money Order visit the Credit Union today.

Safe Deposit Boxes

Get secure storage for all your valuables in a Safe Deposit Box from BDCU.

  • Peace of mind that your valuables are kept safe
  • Different box sizes to accommodate different storage needs
  • Convenient access during normal business hours

Whether you want to safeguard important documents (such as deeds and passports), or family heirlooms, consider a BDCU Safe Deposit Box. Your valuables remain under lock and key in our vaults, yet you have access during business hours. When you rent one of our boxes, there's no more worrying about misplacing something at home or wondering if it's secured.

Find the Right Size Box for You:

Box Size

Payment Interval

3x5 Annual $12.00
3x10 Annual $18.00
5x10 Annual $24.00
10x10 Annual $48.00

 *Boxes fees are assessed annually and are pro-rated by month.  Automatic deduction of the fee occurs on October 15th.


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