Our new Online & Mobile Banking will be ready soon.  Want to see it in action before Monday?  Take a look at the new system using our all new online education center videos.

Online Education Center


What Do You Need To Do?

  • First-time Login After the Upgrade
    • Step 1 - Re-establish Your Account
      • Go to the Credit Union website at
      • In the Online Banking Login box, enter the User ID you currently use today.
      • Enter your temporary password. All passwords will be set to a temporary password. The temporary password will be the last 6 digits of the primary account holder's social security number, or your EIN/TIN for business accounts.
      • Create a new password. You will be prompted to change the password during your first login.
    • Step 2 - Set Up Security Questions
      • The system will prompt you to create five (5) new security questions and answers. Make sure they are easy for you to remember but difficult for others to guess. Your answers are case sensitive, so "happy" and "Happy" are different answers.
    • Step 3 - Establish Phone Verification
      • The system will prompt you to set up identity verification. Identity verification uses an outside tool, like a phone, to verify your identity. To set up identity verification, you will need to provide a phone number. The system will use this number to send you a text message or to call you with a 4 digit verification code. You will be prompted to enter the verification code provided to access the system. Identity verification may be used from time-to-time to validate your identity on the system.
    • Step 4 - Accept Terms & Conditions
      • The last step is to accept the terms and conditions. You can even read them if you want to. Once complete you are ready to go.

What Will Change?

Online Banking – A new online banking site will make it easy for you to manage your money.  You will be able to log on to the new system on August 19th at 10:00 am.  Want to try the new system before Monday? Try Click-Thru demo by clicking the image to the left.


Mobile Banking App - An updated mobile banking app will maintain the familiar look and feel but add additional capabilities like integrated card controls and improved alerts.  You will be required to update the app on your device on August 19th.  Due to the app release schedule of Google and Apple the app may not be available for 24 hours after our August 19th release date.


CardValet - Card controls will be integrated into the new Mobile Banking app making it easier to access.  The stand-alone CardValet app will also still be available.

eStatements - A new and improved estatement site will make receiving, reviewing and storing your statements easy.

Quicken/QuickBooks/ Download - Our Quicken/QuickBooks/ download will be updated to a new version that will allow you to directly download your transaction history into your Quicken, QuickBooks or software.  For detailed instructions on what to do to convert your file, review our Intuit Conversion Instructions and follow the directions for your software and setup.  IMPORTANT NOTE:  Aggregation services like, QuickBooks Online, and Express Web Connect will be interrupted for 5 business days.  If you use any of these aggregation services do not open them for 5 business days.  After that time they will work correctly.

OnTarget - The OnTarget Personal Financial Management suite will be replaced by a new version called Trends.  Unfortunately, the information you had in OnTarget will not be converted.

Account to Account Transfer - The account to account transfer feature in bill pay will be replaced with a new system called External Transfer.  You will be able to transfer money from your BDCU account to your other banks and credit unions.  You can even automatically transfer payments from another bank to BDCU.

Account & Transaction Alerts - Account and transaction alerts will need to be set up again in the new Online Banking system.

Account Nicknames - Account nicknames currently on your accounts will need to be entered again on the new system.

What Will Stay the Same?

Account History - All accounts for which you have online access will appear in the new Online Banking, with at least 18 months of transaction history.

Bill Pay – Your payees and payment accounts will continue to be available in the Bill Pay application you have grown to love.  Bill Pay will be down starting at midnight on Thursday, August 15th.  Please schedule or pay any bills prior to the 15th.

Popmoney - Person to person payment with Popmoney will be available in Bill Pay and in the Mobile App.

Automatic Transfers - Automatic transfers will be moved to the new Online Banking system and will continue to be made.

Linked Accounts - Accounts linked to your account will remain the same.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is BDCU enhancing its online and mobile banking system?

That’s simple—to make it easier for you to manage your money. Our new system combines the best of our online and mobile services to create a seamless banking experience, where you can take care of almost any transaction, any time, from any device. It’s a major upgrade and a part of our ongoing effort to continually improve the services we provide, so you can spend less time managing your finances and more time living.

Will I need to change my Online Banking Logon ID or Security Code?

Your Logon ID will remain the same but you will be given a new temporary Security Code to log on the first time.  During the first-time login process you will reset your Security Code. If your Logon ID is more than 10 characters or if you have any special characters ($,%,#,&,*,!,@) in your Logon ID please change it before August 19th, 2019 to avoid any difficulty with the new system. Please remember that if you use Mobile Banking, changing your Online Banking Security Code or Logon ID will also change your Mobile Banking Security Code or Logon ID.

How do I change my Online Banking Logon ID or Security Code?

After logging into Online Banking, in the top right corner of the screen you will see a lock icon.  From the Lock Icon Menu select Change Logon ID or Change Security Code. Follow the prompts to create a new Logon ID or Security Code.

Will my security/challenge questions need to be set up again?

Yes. The enhanced security feature of our new Online Banking will require you to re-establish your security/challenge questions. You will also be asked to set up a mobile device to be used as a secondary security measure.  This is called "out-of-band" security.  With "out-of-band" security you may be required to receive and enter a code that will be sent as a text message to your phone to login and to perform certain transactions.

Will my alerts transfer to the new Online Banking?

No. Alerts that were previously set up under your profile will not transfer to the new Online Banking system. Alerts will need to be set up on the new system.  Additional categories and types of alerts will be available on the new system as well.

Will my automatic transfers transfer to the new Online Banking?

Yes. Transfers that were previously set up under your profile will transfer to the new Online Banking system.

Will this change affect applications like Mint and Quicken?

Yes. There is a possibility this change may temporarily affect your connection to third-party aggregation software (such as Mint® or Quicken®). This is because these software providers will need to update how they obtain your account information after the login process is changed. Unfortunately, BDCU does not have control over these third-party vendor apps or processes, including how quickly they make their updates.  The Quicken® download feature will be updated to a new direct connection with Quicken® and QuickBooks®.

Will my Bill Payment payees, payments, Popmoney transfers and history be available?

Your payees, Popmoney transfers and recurring payments will be ready for you in the new Online Banking system.  Payment history up to the date of conversion will, however, not be available.  Payment history going forward will be kept.

Will eStatements be changing?

Yes.  If you are signed up for eStatements, you will need to log on to the new eStatement site from within Online Banking.



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