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The Column - March 26, 2020


In response to the Governor’s 30-day quarantine, and in our efforts to properly protect the health and safety of our staff and members from COVID19, we have closed the lobby to public access effective last Thursday morning, March 19th. We did not come to this decision easily and we’re convinced it was the right thing to do when we realized there was no way to properly protect our staff and members according to the requirements laid out by the Center for Disease Control and the State of Nevada.

However, our decision was made a little easier by realizing all other services including on-line banking, mobile banking, ATM access, night-drop processing, IRA transactions, wire transfers, telephone service, and cash by appointment for those who do not have ATM access would be fully operational. Likewise, we are maintaining normal office hours and all departments are available by phone during those hours.

We cannot express how difficult this decision was and we hope we are able to provide all the essential services necessary in the meantime. As a community we will get through this together and please be patient as we take the steps necessary to do our part to protect our employees and the community of Boulder City.


During our 80th Annual Meeting in February we announced that, in celebration of our 80th Anniversary, we would be paying an interest refund of 80% on all loans excluding Visas, for the quarter ending March 31st. This give back was done as a celebratory gesture, but little did we know how important this would become for our members whose jobs have been impacted by the response to the pandemic.

For those who have inquired, yes, we are still paying this refund and it will be deposited into your savings account on the evening of March 31st! We hope for those who need it the most that this will bring some relief during these difficult times. Speaking of which…


For our members with loans who have had their jobs impacted by recent events, please call us if you need help. As we have said many times before, we are here to help in good times and bad and we are prepared to help with payment deferrals where needed. Please call 702-293-7777 and ask for our loan or collection departments for assistance. Your financial health is important to us!


While our lobby is closed to the public, we will be maintaining normal operating hours via phone and e-mail.

Hours of Operation
Monday thru Thursday 9:30 to 5:00
Friday 9:30 to 6:00
Contact Information
Telephone: 702-293-7777


As our city, state and country take necessary precautions to stop the spread of COVID19, an unfortunate byproduct is the cancellation of special events. We regret to inform the community that two events planned by the Credit Union have been postponed until times are more appropriate.

Our Annual Shred Day originally scheduled for April 15th has been postponed. Also, our first ever Active Shooter presentation for the public has been postponed from its original date of April 27th. Both events will be rescheduled, and we will be sure to let the public know when these dates are announced.


  • Stay active and get exercise.
  • Follow suggested safety cleanliness protocol at home.
  • Stay informed while minimizing exposure to news and television.
  • Shop local…
  • Consider giving generous tips for any service you receive.
  • In short, this is a time to Pay It Forward!

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