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The Column - August 22, 2019


Starting next Tuesday, September 3rd, through Friday, September 13th, the staff of Boulder Dam Credit Union will be hosting our annual silent auction in the lobby to benefit the Children’s Miracle Network. If you happen to stop in please take a moment to browse and if the mood catches you, make a bid.  If you do you are helping us to help the kids, and that is our greatest goal!


If you hear the term “shopping local”, we hope your Credit Union is part of that focus.  Whether you are a young member opening your first account, a young adult needing your first car loan, young parents borrowing for your first home, or are retired and looking for competitive rates and safety for your deposits, your Credit Union is here for you.

It is within this “life cycle” of our members that we try to always stay relevant.  We strive to provide you with superior service, the best value anywhere for our products, and savings and loans that meet your needs regardless of your stage in life.

We have hundreds, if not thousands, of families whose Credit Union membership spans generations.  Do you have family who may be at a different stage in life and could use a financial institution that will allow them to manage their finances without fear of fees?  Family members who could use an institution that cares more about their financial well-being than making a profit from them?  Have you told them about Boulder Dam Credit Union?

We promise to treat them just like family!


For those who are looking for real life hero, could it be we are looking in the wrong place.  Reality television and social media have overtaken our senses and it seems we have become oblivious to the obvious because we never look up.  Personally I have found the Credit Union lobby to be a great place to find a local hero.

The hero is the World War II veteran who rolls into the lobby with a wit and mind sharper than most students in our schools.  Who, despite a life of service and struggle, still finds humor and passion in all he does, and his respect for what is right knows no end.

It's the single mother of two children who wonders where she will find money to pay rent and buy food to support her family.  She somehow manages to find a way to successfully climb that mountain only to return to the bottom every month and start all over again...but never quits.

It is the veterans throughout our community who served so we could enjoy the freedom we do, and whose respect, pride and passion for our flag is so strong that they will watch every mast to be sure that the Stars and Stripes are flown correctly every day.

It's the teenager who never found guidance and love at home, and could have turned to all the other negative influences in life, but didn't.  Against all odds they have managed to save a small amount for their future, and they walk across the stage on graduation night having achieved goals the rest of us take for granted...with no promises for tomorrow.

It's the quiet volunteers of Emergency Aid, Lend-a-Hand, and the Senior Center whose single goal is to improve just one life today.

To many of us the Credit Union lobby is a place to work and conduct business.  But, if you look a little bit deeper it is so much more.

Don’t let life pass without acknowledging a hero each day.  They are not hard to find, and they will help you understand how grateful we should be! 


Peace is the beauty of life. It is sunshine. It is the smile of a child, the love of a mother, the joy of a father, the togetherness of a family. It is the advancement of man, the victory of a just cause, the triumph of truth.

-  Menachem Begin



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