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The Column - May 19, 2022


Convenience is key, and we’re always looking for ways to make our everyday, mundane tasks faster. Now contactless payments are here, making your checkout process speedy, safe, and secure. Going forward, all VISA Debit Cards and VISA Credit Cards issued by the credit union will be contactless cards.

Here is some additional information about contactless cards:

What is a contactless card?
A contactless debit or credit card uses an embedded antenna to securely communicate with the card reader when it’s held near the reader during a transaction. In other words, each time you tap your card, a one-time security code is created that protects your payment information. This lets the card reader securely authenticate your card information without needing your PIN or signature.

Contactless Card Symbol

How can you tell if your card is contactless?
All contactless debit or credit cards can be easily identified by the wave-like symbol that looks like a sideways Wi-Fi icon. Depending on the card issuer, this can be found on either the front or backside of the card.

Is it really safe?
Yes! The one-time security code that’s created when you tap your card keeps your payment secure. Your card information isn’t stored by the retailer, so your card is safeguarded against data breaches.
Plus, contactless cards only work when they’re within one to two inches of the payment terminal and even if you tap twice, you will only be charged once for that transaction.

What should I do if tapping my card doesn’t work?
If the payment reader does not work when you tap your card, you can still use your card by swiping or inserting it into the payment reader.


In today’s era of fraud, identity theft, extensive social media, and privacy concerns, it has never become more important to protect all of your personal information and take all steps possible to make sure your identity is not confused with someone else.

So what used to be just a bad idea is now a terrible idea. Naming your kids exactly as you were named! The “II” after the name won’t mean a thing. Take it from an institution that has seen dozens, if not hundreds, of members’ credit bureau information co-mingled with a son (the most frequent case) or daughter who were proudly named after their parents.

Worse yet, if you have a family fall-out in later years, it becomes easier for one family member to impersonate another in fraudulent activity (yes, we have unfortunately witnessed this).

This confusion of information can cause your children and yourself years of headaches trying to sort out who is who in the public domain.

You may love your name, but give your children their own identity, and one that is easier to protect!


Many of our members own their home free-and-clear of any debt. Other members have substantial equity in their home and are considering a reverse mortgage in order to supplement their monthly income.

In both cases, you should think about using your Credit Union for a home equity line-of-credit. With a Credit Union home-equity line of credit there is no cost to keep it unless you borrow against it. No annual fee, no late fee, no fees period!

If you would like the peace of mind that knowing money is readily available to solve a temporary or emergency financial need, a home equity loan with Boulder Dam Credit Union is the perfect solution!

See any of our loan officers for further details.


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